Employer Engagement Ambassadors – Unlocking Your Latent Salesforce

As employer engagement activity becomes a part of the wider workforce, it’s more important than ever that they are equipped to maximise naturally-occurring business opportunities they may uncover every day.


Creating an employer engagement culture across your organisation is a key prerequisite for success. Although, primarily, business development teams are responsible for winning employer business, the benefits of mobilising colleagues across the organisation to identify employer engagement opportunities are enormous. Unlocking your latent salesforce may be the route to exponential growth.

Course Overview

This course is designed to enable your Trainer/Assessors, curriculum delivery specialists and Learner Recruitment teams to recognise additional training and employment opportunities when delivering services to an employer. Delegates will focus on adopting a business opportunity mindset and developing ongoing partnerships with the business development team to communicate and exploit potential opportunities.

The workshop would be suitable for curriculum delivery, learner services/learner recruitment and support staff – as well as leaders and managers from any part of the organisation.

Session 1: Employer Engagement Ambassadors

  • Successful employer engagement – What type of service do employers require?
  • Collective responsibility – Leaders in employer engagement
  • Your people are your competitive advantage
  • The employer journey – Understand team roles and responsibilities

Session 2: Employer Engagement Culture

  • Why are employers important to your business success?
  • Create an employer focused cross organisational culture
  • Assess current climate v desired employer engagement culture

Session 3: Developing Employer Partnerships

  • Identifying personal behaviour standards with colleagues and employers
  • Creating an employer responsive service
  • Promoting a range of learning solutions to employers – Identifying opportunity
  • Delivering learner and employer success – Team collaboration
  • Develop internal communication techniques

Session 4: The Employer Engagement Journey

  • Review key learning points
  • Group presentations and commitments
  • Develop personal action plan

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