Performance Management for Work-Based Learning: 1 day workshop

“The performance of your business is based on the performance of your people.”

Performance Management is a perennial talking point within the sector. Unlocking the potential of your brightest and best as well as addressing issues of underperformance (for teams and individuals) is a significant part of the leadership role. Your people are your business, so you need to ensure they are contributing effectively.

Why select this course

This workshop focuses on creating the right environment for maximising the potential of your teams. In a period of rapid change and growth, consistent management of staff performance is key to excellent business success.


This programme will support you to get the most out of teams and individuals. It will help you to refine a framework for performance management and monitoring, as well as providing useful techniques and methods for motivating and managing staff.

Session 1: Setting Objectives and KPIs

  • Establishing a framework for success
  • Setting KPIs and targets that deliver outcomes
  • Aligning objectives with organisational goals and culture

Session 2: Monitoring and Management

  • Generating and using management information
  • Understanding policies and procedures
  • Staff communication

Session 3: Maximising People Performance

  • Identifying and unlocking talent
  • Addressing underperformance in staff
  • Difficult conversations – how and when to have them.

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